The casino cage is similar to a bank. The Casino Cage Cashier position is similar to that of a teller in a bank. The cage is in charge of accounting for the financial activities that occur in the casino in each department for each shift.

The Cage Cashier issues money to the casino pits, hotel area restaurants, and bars. This money is used to handle customer sales in the gaming area, hotel, restaurants, and bars. Each department, in turn, sends their revenue to the Cage Cashier to be counted and verified. The Cage Cashiers then credit the correct department and place the monies in the cage cash inventory or a bank deposit.

Cage cashiers handle the issuance of credit to customers. They additionally are responsible for exchanging chips for money from customers who have won and want to “cash out” their chips.

The Casino Cage Cashier is responsible for a great deal of money. In addition to issuing money to casino departments the Casino Cage Cashier uses it to issue customer credits, to buy back chips, and to pay out jackpots.



The Casino Cage Cashier issues chips to the gaming tables. These transactions, too, must be recorded on fill slips or sheets so that the pit area can reimburse the cage to balance the transaction.

Casino Cage Cashiers are expected to count the casino bankroll or inventory as well as make an inventory of chips before and after each work shift.

The Cage Cashier must perform an accounting over the entire casino bankroll or inventory. This includes money, chips, and markers, among other things. It also contains credits from those departments money has been issued to, debits from money received from other departments, and customer bank checks. All items that are cash or convertible back to cash are included when the accounting is taken. Cage Cashiers record everything on paper.